Emphasys Software announces that the Georgia Department of Community Affairs has chosen the full suite of Emphasys Multifamily Administrative software to help build and monitor critical affordable housing in the state of Georgia.

Miami, Florida – October 2020 

Emphasys Software is pleased to announce that the Georgia Department of Community Affairs recently decided to implement Emphasys’ Multifamily Suite along with its Loan Servicing system for Multifamily loans. These software solutions will provide DCA the tools they need to efficiently and effectively manage the processes for building and monitoring affordable housing in the state.

“We know that making the right choice in software is critical in optimizing our efficiency and streamlining our process,” said Jill Cromartie of DCA. “Emphasys’ software proved to be the right fit to serve our housing development needs, in turn helping us to focus on the needs of those we serve.”

The cloud based multifamily system enables state housing organizations to streamline their affordable housing development processes, by leveraging the solutions client facing portals, extensive business rules, end to end data flow and regulatory monitoring. Emphasys Software’s compliance and inspection solution is of particular importance. The inspection software is a mobile platform that captures all the detailed inspection data in the field and transfers it seamlessly to the back office compliance system for monitoring. Any noncompliance or defects noted will be automatically flagged to help expedite the clearance process.

The Emphasys system will also provide the ability to track data throughout the entire lifecycle of the affordable housing project, from funding application submissions through the end of the compliance monitoring period. This ensures instant access to any data, at any point in time of the lifecycle of the property. 

The Emphasys Multifamily solution has various modules that can be configured to best meet the needs of the state housing agency.  These include: 

  • Developer Application Portal
  • Tax Credit and other Project Funding Management
  • Physical and Tenant File Inspections Portal
  • Multifamily Project Compliance Monitoring
  • Asset Management
  • Project Certification Portal
  • Executive Portal

“We are very happy to help the Georgia Department of Community affairs further automate their development processes and streamline their affordable housing operations,” stated Vivian Cueva of Emphasys Software. “Our multifamily software suite will enable them to better serve their clients, interact with developers, and provide timely data for a wide range of needs.” 

To learn more about Emphasys Software or the company’s innovative products and solutions, visit http://www.emphasys-software.com.     

About Emphasys Software: Emphasys Software has spent over 30 years delivering complete solutions for the affordable housing industry, fostering trust and transparency, and ensuring accountability through financial management tools, multifamily and single-family property management capabilities, and other industry-leading services. 

About Georgia DCA: The Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) has been advocating for their state’s communities since its creation in 1977. In 1996, the Governor and General Assembly merged the Georgia Housing and Finance Authority (GHFA) into DCA, and the job of providing safe and affordable housing became part of the agency’s mission. For four decades, DCA has helped communities spur private job creation, implement comprehensive plans, develop downtowns, generate affordable housing solutions and promote volunteerism.

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