Emphasys’ Multifamily Suite is the preferred solution for affordable housing multifamily administrative needs. The suite encompasses financing tools for the development of affordable housing, including federal and state low-income housing tax credits (LIHTC), HOME loan and grant funds, Fund Balance loans, Risk Share insurance, and tax exempt bonds.

Emphasys Multifamily is equipped with resource management and project management tools, allocations, tracking, and a robust reporting engine. The suite has the ability to track data from funding application submissions through the compliance life-cycle, including: Application, Construction, Compliance and Asset Management.



Funding Application

The Emphasys Funding Application is a web-based management system that provides housing finance agencies with a single solution to capture and manage all the data collected from developers throughout the various program stages. The stages covered include the application phase, the carryover process, and the final stages of development.

  • Provide Developers with a 10, 20 or 30-year Pro-Forma automatically
  • Clone applications for interim applications and final applications
  • Export data in XML for a variety of integrations
  • Developers can self-register to reduce user management errors

Investment Management & Control

Want to track tax credits and grants throughout the workflow stages?

Allocation Tracking (IM&C) lets you administer Low Income Housing Tax Credits and HUD Grants from plan formulation to compliance.

  • Manage multiple funding sources like HOME, BOND, HOPWA, SHIP, etc.
  • Perform project scoring, underwriting, and feasibility analysis
  • Prepare all HUD and IRS forms and reports
  • Maintain an internal process to track matching contributions

Developer Portal

The Emphasys Developer Portal is a web-based system that provides housing finance agencies with a single solution for publishing forms and documents to developers and applicants who log into the systems. The Portal captures documents and files throughout the various program stages including the application phase, during scoring, feasibility analysis, underwriting and the final stages of development.

Affordable Housing

Multifamily Compliance | Asset Management

The Emphasys Multifamily Compliance System allows housing finance agencies to easily manage the complex requirements of compliance monitoring. Audits, inspections, and annual reporting of tenant information can all be processed efficiently in a user-friendly environment.

Certification Portal

The Emphasys Certification Portal provides agencies with an innovative software solution to assist in the collection of tenant data and owner annual certifications via the internet. Property managers are able to process all tenant activity including move-ins, move-outs, and unit transfers. Tenant activity is entered by the property manager and, as information is entered, the system validates the field for errors such as improper dates and empty fields. The system will flag any errors for correction.



  • Housing agencies give portal access to the Property Management Companies
  • Property Management Company assigns projects to on-site managers
  • On-Site Managers enter tenant data
  • Property Managers that use Property Management Software can upload data into Certification Portal
  • Prints Annual Owner Certification and Tenant Income Certifications (TIC)
  • Information submitted to the housing agency electronically via the internet
  • Submitted information uploaded into Emphasys Compliance module for testing
  • If property tests out of compliance, file can be returned to property manager for corrections
  • Emphasys Compliance module creates 8823, if needed.


  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • XML upload eliminates reentering data from Property Management Systems
  • Eliminates handwritten Tenant Income Certifications (TICS)
  • Automates collection of data intensive tenant information
  • Relieves agency staff of time consuming data entry
  • Enables agency staff to concentrate on ensuring property compliance

Inspections Portal

The Emphasys Audit & Inspection Portal is a web-based system designed to provide housing finance agencies with the necessary tools for collecting Tenant File Audits and Physical Inspection results from auditors and inspectors via the web.

Executive Reporting Portal

Emphasys HFA Executive Portal is an executive reporting system designed to assist agencies by providing a repository for information about their owner/agents, housing developments, buildings, units, compliance, loan servicing and current financial position.


The Multifamily Suite has numerous features to make your multifamily administrative process fast and easy.

IRS Reporting

Demonstrate proof of compliance through robust reporting. All Multifamily modules follow an IRS/HUD compliant structure, ensuring that all pertinent regulations and requirements are met.

Web Applications

Web-based applications facilitate an agency’s business process by empowering users to securely manage mobile devices, applications and content, providing real-time data access and management.

eDOCS Document Management

eDocs integrates with the MF solution to make your document management more efficient. The multi-level folder structure lets developers upload files while allowing the agency to easily organize files.


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