Pre-Eligibility Portal

The Emphasys Pre-Eligibility Portal is designed for HFA consumers and allows you to create a complete, one-stop portal to guide home buyers through the entire homeownership process.

As an online service, the portal is available anytime for consumers to find out if they are eligible  for an HFA loan program.

Lender Portal

The Emphasys Lender Portal streamlines and simplifies the process of receiving reservations from your lenders. The Portal integrates with the Emphasys Loan Tracking system and allows lenders to enter reservations, check the status of loans, download reports, read bulletins, and check allocation status, all via the internet.

eDocs Portal

The Emphasys eDocs Portal is designed for loan document attachments, review and approval, and is the communication link between lenders and your housing authority. The Portal is fully integrated with Emphasys’ Lender Portal and Loan Tracking, and allows HBE Counseling Agencies to upload and attach HBE Certificates to loan files.

Loan Tracking

The Loan Tracking system works with Emphasys Software’s Lender Portal, Single Family Portfolio Management, and our Loan Underwriting systems to provide housing finance agencies the tools necessary to monitor and control loan originations and Mortgage Credit Certificates.

Single Family Portfolio Management

The Emphasys Single Family Portfolio Management system is an exception based reporting tool that tracks loans through maturity, payoff, or foreclosure. For each processing cycle, the system generates billing statements and trial balances to your servicers, and the servicers can send a report or exceptions electronically to the Single Family Portfolio Management module.

Loan Servicing

The Emphasys Loan Servicing system works in standalone mode or integrated with other Emphasys software modules. The system maintains wholly owned Fannie Mae and GNMA mortgage pools by investor for any combination of first or second mortgage types.

Foreclosure Tracking

The Emphasys Foreclosure Tracking system is designed to aid housing finance authorities with processing all aspects of delinquent loans. From advance claim payments through final disposition of the property if it should become real estate owned, the Foreclosure Tracking system streamlines your processes.


This suite has a variety of features to make your Single Family administrative process fast and easy.

IRS Reporting

Demonstrate proof of compliance through robust reporting. All modules follow an IRS/HUD compliant structure, ensuring that all pertinent regulations and requirements are met.

Web Applications

Web-based applications facilitate an agency’s business process by empowering users to securely manage mobile devices, applications and content, providing real-time data access and management.

eDOCS Document Management

eDocs integrates with the MF solution to make your document management more efficient. The multi-level folder structure lets developers upload files while allowing the agency to easily organize files.


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