Project Description

Big Data just might be the biggest business buzz phrase for 2016, but, we have taken a whole different approach to Big Data, looking deeper into the quality and integrity that the data is comprised of. Big Data loses all of its value if your data lacks integrity.  This prompts the bigger question about data integrity in general – regardless of how much data is actually available! More does not always mean better and data entry is not always accurate. The computerization of information continues and the exchange of personal information (particularly data collection for HFA housing programs) grows each year. Maintaining the integrity and completeness of data is paramount; an agency’s effectiveness relies heavily on the availability, eligibility, and quality of applicant data.

Emphasys Software and Utah Housing Corporation have recently collaborated in a Data Control and Integrity case study. After months of data compilation and analysis, we are able to provide you a closer look at the mutually rewarding partnership we share with UHC. We invite you to examine the issues that many agencies have experienced or may be currently experiencing with other vendors, homegrown applications or a variety of spreadsheet workarounds. There are tremendous potential benefits and cost savings within the Housing Finance ndustry contingent on accurate applicant identification. Read more on how Emphasys Software drives increased efficiency in the delivery of housing, by permitting access to more complete and timely information for affordable housing program data.